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the_line_shack's Journal

The Line Shack
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Western Slash

Welcome to The Line Shack!

In the great days of the American West, the line shack was the shelter where cowboys could take refuge from Mother Nature during their treks around their vast ranges repairing fence lines or chasing lost doggies. The line shack was usually one room, a wood burning stove, a few canned goods and a bed--enough to survive a night or two.

(Thank goodness for that bed!)

A private spot like this one is a perfect place for our favorite pastime--slash! What better location for a couple of macho men (or more) to meet in secret and profess their hidden feelings for one another--or just engage in some lusty cowboy games!

Here at LJ you can visit The Line Shack to share your love of slash within the western genre. (And, yes, we're flexible about how we interpret that "western genre" label.) Fanfic, artwork, discussion and recs are all welcome--plus much more. No flaming, please, and be sure to use LJ cuts for large images and fanfic. If you have any questions, contact your humble host, mr_breckenridge here:


. . . or via his email address:

scott_breckenridge @yahoo.com (no spaces)

Welcome! Let's shack up!